Recommendation Letter – Mark Cookson

Recommendation Letter – Mark Cookson

I’m very appreciative of the kind and thoughtful endorsement provided by Mr. Cookson. I am deeply humbled and do my best each day to live up to his words.

When I look at the options of people running for the unenviable job of being a public servant, I look for people I can trust, are intelligent, and look to better everyone’s position. Compromise, flexibility, understanding, compassion, and empathy, are the things I need in a representative.


The job of a public servant is going to include things that aren’t up for debate, at least not public debate, and I want to have a person that I trust to make the right call; the call that’s best for the largest number of people, the call that moves us, as a society, forward.


They need to understand the complexities that come with running a city of 37,000 and hundreds of businesses. They need to be intelligent enough to recognize a good idea that they didn’t think of first, and to come up with a few good ideas of their own from time to time.


Many people believe that government can be run like a business, or the military, but they forget that civil service is a collaboration between local leaders, state leaders, sometimes federal officials, and local citizens. Proper orchestration tact, compromise, and a little bit of “politics”. These are not skills that everyone possesses, and likely not many civilian or military careers cultivate.


Steve Dennis, as the incumbent, has more experience, critical experience, in running this town than any of the newcomers. Not that there’s anything wrong with being new, but we’ve had such great success growing Cottage Grove in these last few years that I’m not willing to risk it to someone who requires on the job training, or is looking to only help a small sliver of our population. Steve Dennis has been on the city council for nearly four years now, and in this time, I’ve seen more progress in Cottage Grove than in the preceding ten years!


On top of all that, Steve Dennis is a kind, caring, and empathetic man. He understands that he’s here for all of us, not just the people that look like him or believe everything exactly the way he does. This is why Steve Dennis is the right person for the job of city council and why I’ll be voting for him this November.

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