Why are you seeking election?

I love working on behalf of our community and dedicated to building upon our recent success.

I’ve been Mayor Pro-tem,Vice President of our Economic Development Authority, Council liaison to the Planning Commission, Finance Committee, and Housing focus group. I have 30+ years of management experience, am retired
law enforcement, and a small business owner.

In my four years in position, we’ve achieved historic levels of economic development including over $435 million in economic development (the all-time record), reduction of our commercial vacancy rate from 22% to 7.1%, and seeing the city accomplish a AAA bond rating.  We’ve received accolades for financial sustainability and quality of life and I want to build on this! 

Achieving the needs and wants of our community is very important to me.  It would be an honor to bring additional resident satisfaction via community outreach and other efforts. We can partner together on a multitude of subjects including interests for our young families, our seniors, and all in between.