Community Testimonials…

Community Testimonials…

I am honored to share the following testimonials:

“I am so impressed by your ability to stay focused on what is important to the community, your ability to separate the noise and distractions from what is key to move things forward, your ability to look down the road, etc. – really your leadership. It is clear you have a passion for our city”. – Dan Hanson

“I had a question on another post about why I support Steve Dennis. Because his eye is on the future; business development, residential, all-encompassing community development… This is a new Cottage Grove and I believe he is the most qualified to lead us into the future. Please join me!” – Megan Titcomb

“He was a great help to us. I hope people vote to keep him on the council. He’s a great asset to our city!” – Diane Masloski

“Steve Dennis is making another run for city council of Cottage Grove. A local businessman right here in town, Dennis is active in the community and always has the best interests of Cottage Grove in mind. As a citizen of Cottage Grove, Steve has my full support for another term as my city council member!” – David Blomster

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